Radtel Updates & News & FAQ's

Welcome to Radtel's News and updates. This edition includes;

  • Network Updates
  • Letters from Radtel Users
  • FAQ

Network Updates:

Effective April 6, 2006 Radtel Network has updated CAB, NEB, NWB and WAB to include Channel 12 (3760khz) and will inturn be scanning this additional channel.

Letter from Radtel Users:

Over the past 12 months we have received numerous letters re: Radtel Network, here are just a few.

Ron & Viv Moon (4x4 Australia) - 'For ease of operation, for clarity and for reliability the Radtel HF Network is hard to beat'







Tony Mowbray - Solo Around the World Yachtsmans- The Radtel Network radiotelephone service gives me peace of mind. It's efficient and economical, but above all offers me great safety when sailing in the remote waters of Australia.

Edmond & Maureen Hanrahan - We planned our first 4WD holiday of our retirement to take us to Newman WA, Gun Barrel, Gary Highway and the Canning Stock Route.

Our HF supplier recommended Radtel as our radio Network. From our first call at Longreach to our last at Mt Isa on our way home the service was magnificent. We called base operator Doug Taylor for messages and relaying our position was a real service, giving us great security.

Radtel is a premium HF Radio and telephone Network. Many thanks. Keep up the good service as we certainly hope to use the network again in the not too distant future.


Dear Doug

I appreciated the reliable service your network provided me. I was able to obtain a revertive from one of your base stations on every occasion I attempted a connection. It certainly added to the enjoyment of my trip.

Regards John Hisco



FAQ's - Well I suppose the most common question we get asked is; "How do I hang up a phone call especially when it an answer machine that answers?'

A = If you are talking with a person you can ask them to dial '99' before they hang up and if it's an answer machine you will have to carry out the 'Call Hang Up' that will be listed in your radio's operating manual.

Remember it is vital to hang up correctly for two reasons - you will reduce the time the call is charged and secondly you will free up the network for other users to make phone calls.

Q - The person on the phone keeps dropping in and out, particually when they are on a mobile phone.

A = Yes dropping in and out can be a problem, as the question said particually on a mobile phone. This is due to the ambient noise level in the background or surrounding the actual phone. As the base station systems operate on VOX (Voice activated Transmit) and undue noise can over-ride the conversation from the phone side. Also when on normal phones the audio output they send to the radtel transmitter's (which is critical to correct operation) varies substantially between different phone models and brands. There are two ways to help reduce (if not eliminate) this effect.

  1. When receiving HF Radio calls on normal phones, hold the mouthpiece of the phone virtually on your mouth and speak a little louder.
  2. When receiving HF Radio calls on mobile phones, shroud the phone with your hand to help eliminate the outside ambient noise level.

We have found the above usually achieves perfect results.

Q - Why are some calls very weak and bad quality

A - This is usually due to the radio user not performing a 'Beacon Test' or not trying the 'Beacon test' on several channels to ascertain the BEST channel before making the actual call. Don't just try what you consider is the closest base site - always try several base sites and several channels to get the best 'Beacon Test'

If all the above guidelines are adhered to it is rare that you won't get a good clear signal - Night time is a good time to avoid if possible.