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Sign Up to Australia's Premier HF Radio Telephone Network by reading the terms and conditions below and downloading and printing the pdf found below the terms and conditions...

Radtel Terms and Conditions

1. For Call Plans Standard 1, Standard 2, or Standard Plus" ONLY

Monthly billing accounts that are under $10.00 will attract a 'Account Processing Fee' (only applicable if calls are made within the billing month) equal to the difference between the 'actual call charges' and our minimum charge of $10.00 per bill.

To completely waiver this fee, either one of the two following options can be selected-

Option 1 'Credit Card Authority' to be completed to allow direct debit to your credit card
Option 2 Pre-pay an amount that you feel you are likely to use within the 12 month period (refer to Term 3 for more details)

2. Annual Network Fees must be paid in advance
3. Any unused 'Pre-paid' call charges will be forfeited at the end of the 12 month agreed period, which commences from the date of your connection.
4. 'Radtel Network' assumes no responsibility for the use and operation of the users radio equipment.
5. If at anytime you dispose of your HF Radio, it is your responsibility to REMOVE any selcall number/s which may relate to Radtel Network. If you fail to comply with this directive, you may be liable for any call charges incurred by the recipient of your radio.
6. Radtel Radio Telephone call costs are subject to change without notice and will be billed monthly subject to Term No. 2 and must be paid within the terms as set out by 'Radtel HF Radio Network'
7. Overdue 'Radtel Call Accounts' may be subject to a late payment fee.
8. 'Radtel Network' users must abide by regulations as set out by the Australian Communications Authority.
9. Radtel users are not permitted to communicate with non Radtel Network subscribers sharing the same frequencies
10.'Radtel HF Radio Network' Base Station coverage is a GUIDE ONLY and may vary from time to time.
11. 'Radtel HF Radio Network' will not be responsible for variations in coverage transmission by the Radio Base Stations.
12. Vehicle/Vessel Logging and reporting will be the total responsibility of the radio user.
13. 'Radtel Network' agrees to pass on messages to the subscriber with 1 (one) Call attempt during the day the message was received if call attempts are unsuccessful it will then be the responsibility of the subscriber to retrieve that message by calling a base operator.
14. 'Radtel Network' will attempt all actions possible in the case of an emergency assistance required but will not be held responsible for failure to assist.
15. 'Radtel HF Radio Network' will provide a five base station Radio Telephone Network to allow Radio Telephone calls to any PSTN station within Australia.
16. 'Radtel Network' will not be held responsible for Call 'Dropouts' or any fault occurring within the 'Network' which is out of the control of Radtel HF Radio Network.
17. All subscribers to the Radio Telephone Facility will be responsible for the correct disconnection of calls at the completion of their transmission.
18. If telephone calls are not disconnected correctly the subscriber will be responsible for all call cost incurred.
19. Calls to Radtel Network Base Operators may be recorded for quality assurance.
20. Due to the nature of HF transmissions 'Radtel HF Radio Network' will not be responsible for corruption that may occur within the network.
21. All care will be taken to avoid illegal use of selcall numbers for system access but NO responsibility will be accepted by Radtel Network' should a breach of security occur.
22. 'Radtel Network' reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions as may be deemed necessary
23. Although we take all reasonable steps to make sure you receive the services within our coverage areas, the service is not free from faults or interruptions. Certain factors, such network congestion, correct operation of radio transceiver, atmospheric conditions, third parties and obstructions or interference may mean you will not receive the service in certain areas at certain times. Where you send, transmit or receive information services as part of the service, we do not warrant the accuracy of the information in, or the security of those services.
24. 'Radtel Network' reserves the right to suspend, restrict or disconnect any subscriber should the terms and conditions as set out above and also by the Australian Communications Authority not be adhered to.

November 2012

I agree to the above terms and conditions

Complete form 'ON LINE' and post or fax to the appropriate details

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Please send your completed form to: Radtel Network,

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