Radtel Direct Dial

Radtel TELEPHONE - Direct Dial is a premium Radio Telephone Service that allows you to make telephone calls directly from any HF radio (with Telcall fitted) to any telephone in Australia. Radtel has implemented some unique and major enhancements in the design and development of this network thus achieving a superior level of performance and many additional features, most of which are 'Free of Charge'.

Some of Radtel's exclusive features are;

  • EXCLUSIVE frequencies / Network for Radio Telephone use ONLY
  • Radtel bases do not share all the same frequencies.This avoids 'crossed lines' or 'multiple calls' overlapping each other Message Service Free* - No Call Charge
  • RFDS - Direct Selcall contact - No Call Charge
  • Marine & Sea Rescue, Coast Guard - Direct Selcall contact - No Call Charge *
  • Police - Direct Selcall Contact - No Call Charge *
  • Free Emergency Assistance by 24 HR operator *
  • 15 Minute time limit on phone calls
  • Flat Call Rate to any phone or mobile in Australia
  • No Call Connection Fee
  • Radtel uses brand new 'State of the Art' equipment
  • Extensive range of 'Call Plans' (8) including Pre-Paid calls
  • Restricting the number of users, thus reducing the problem of congestion.
  • No recorded message when a phone receives a call from a HF Radio

Calls are costed at a very modest rate per minute and a low yearly access fee is also applicable. -

See 'Call Plan' schedule for more details

* 'Radtel Plus' Plans ONLY