Emergency Assist*


RFDS / SES / Marine Rescue / Coast Guard-Patrol / Police etc.

No more voice calling or confusion in contacting the Royal Flying Doctor Service or Marine Coastal Authorities. Emergency Assist gives you the convenience and ease of 'selcalling' these authorities direct, 24 hours a day. Radtel/HFoZ has over 250 emergecny authorities linked directly to a selcall number. (For more information on selcall please see the 'About HF Radio' section)

Emergency Assistance Operator:

Radtel/HFoz has an extensive number of emergency authorities linked to a single selcall number for your convenience, this will allow quick calling to Police, RFDS, Coastal Patrol, Sea Rescue Authorities, National Park Services, and many other various Rescue Services. If, in the event that you require some form other than these listed authorities, our 6 'operator manned' base stations are there to assist 24 hours where possible.

Position Report Logging:

As an extra level of safety in the outback or at sea, Radtel/HFoZ provides a service whereby your position is logged down at regular intervals throughout your journey and also any other relevant details noted. This service also allows us to keep abreast of the ever changing conditions giving us first hand information that may be of benefit to all operators on the network.

* Radios must be fitted with 'Selcall' Option to access this service