Vehicle to Vehicle - Vessel to Vessel

Data - SMS - GPS Position - Report Logging

Land Mobile:

For land mobile users who require Vehicle to Vehicle Communications, Emergency Assistance, Radtel recommends subscribing to the HFoZ network for these features. The HFoZ Radio Network provides a choice of 5 Voice frequencies for these services as listed below.


Click here to link to the HFoZ website

N.B. HFoZ does not provide a Radio Telephone Direct Dial facility


For marine purposes fixed base stations located at Wiluna and Charlieville provide automatic weather and sea reports at regular intervals throughout the day - Please tune into the relevant frequencies at the designated time for this information.

Vessel to Vessel: Please utilise the standard Marine designated frequencies for the relevant application as listed below

Yachting & Pleasure; Professional Fishing; Commercial Vessels;
2284 Khz 2112 Khz 2008 Khz
2524 Khz 2164 Khz 2032 Khz
4483 Khz 4535 Khz 2436 Khz
4620 Khz 2635 Khz
2638 Khz
8364 Khz