Incoming Calls to Radio

Radtel Network does not allow incoming phone calls to the radio. This decision was made based on many years experience with the Telstra RDD system. As experienced then, approximately 80% of people didn't know how to correctly use the system and served to do nothing more than congest the network and waste their time & money on STD calls.

Another factor was by allowing this feature it effectively increases the loading on the network an average of 300% due to all the additional people trying to use the system.

To compensate for this we have implemented 'Message Service'

Message Service

Available to the 'Emergency Assist' Plan - Message Service provides a facility where family, friends or work associates can simply phone Radtel Network head office, and give the relevant details as required to be passed on to the radio. Messages can also be passed on from the radio to other persons in the event of an emergency.

To leave a message for a subscriber please ask your associates to follow the information as supplied on the 'How To Contact Me' Cards that were issued to you as below;

- 9am-5pm Mon-Frid E.S.T.

Please inform operator;-
1. Approximate position of the vehicle
2. Name of the user
3. Selcall number
4. Your Message