Welcome to Radtel

Whether you're an Outback Traveller, Cruising Yachtsman or Commercial Fishermen, Radtel is your choice when choosing your HF Radio Network Service Provider. Radtel offers a service of unparalleled standards and has made some unique and major enhancements to the way in which radio telephone operates, thus achieving a superior level of operation and many additional features, most of which are included are Free of Charge ! Some of our major advantages are as listed below...

Now with several 'So Called' HF Telephone networks in Australia - People naturally ask us

"Which Network is the Best"?

Listed below are the answers to this question - 'Only' Radtel has these benefits

  • EXCLUSIVE network frequencies
  • Radtel bases do not share all the same frequencies. This avoids 'crossed lines' or 'multiple calls' overlapping each other
  • RFDS, Police, Direct Selcall - No call charge - 'Radtel Plus' Plans ONLYc
  • Marine & Sea Rescue, Coast Guard, - Direct selcall - No call charge -'Radtel Plus' Plans ONLYc
  • NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RACT & RAC - Direct selcall - No call charge - 'Radtel Plus' ONLYc
  • Comprehensive emergency assistance plan optionsco
  • No call connection fee
  • 15 Minute time limit on phone calls
  • Flat call rate to any phone or mobile in Australia
  • Radtel uses brand new 'State of the Art' equipment
  • A comprehensive range Call Plans available including plans with 'pre-paid' call creditcorde


Please call us if you would like any further clarification