Radtel HF Radio Training Kit -

This HF Radio Training Kit (affectionately known as the K.I.S.S kit) has been produced by the people who not only operate Lakecomm, but people who know and have used HF Radio for many decades and rely on it extensively throughout the remote outback areas of Australia in their travels. The kit has been designed on the age old philosophy of Keep It Simple Stupid theory.

The need to operate your HF Radio effectively is ESSENTIAL for both you and your travelling partner. Let’s face it, the purchase of an HF Radio is a large investment and no doubt is for safety - So make sure you know how to use it correctly.

The kit's been written in very simple terms and is easy to follow and understand.

Package includes;

‘Quick Guides’- These 2-4 laminated A5 cards provide an uncomplicated step by step guide on how to use your radio and all the necessary features associated with Australia's 3 major networks (Radtel, HFoZ, VKS737) that you will need to know for your individual radio.e.g., making Radtel / VKS737 Operator Calls, Radtel Phone Calls, VKS737 Vehicle to Vehicle Calls, HFoZ Messaging and GPS Position Reporting, RFDS Voice Calls and also RFDS Emergency Alarm Calling, It also shows you how to program your Scan Table (if applicable), how to operate your Scan, how to review your Call Memory plus more plus all the basic proceedures include making 'Beacon/Channel Test Calls' as well as the actual call process. In summary this is a complete package on the usage of your radio.

HF Basic Principles - This booklet includes the basic principles about how HF works, how signals are transmitted, its operation, problem solving, how to understand Frequencies, Scanning, Beacon Calling, Selcalling, Voice Calling, Telcalls (Radio Telephone Calls) - This is a must to understand.

The Australian Guide to HF Radio.- Written by Doug Taylor, and Chris & Michael Aulich this booklet provides a vast amount of additional knowledge, hints, tips and a practical guide on the operation of HF Radio. Also available separately if required.

The kit comes complete in a heavy duty plastic document folder.

This package will prove an invaluable aid in the operation of your HF Radio

Important Notes:

** Codan NGT - This model must be programmed with "Australian Rec Version 6.1 or higher"

*** Icom F8101 - This model must be programmed with "Australian Rec Version 1.0 or higher"

* Codan 8528-1 has a 'Black' touch pad and the 8528-2 has either a 'Tan' or "Light Grey' touch pad

Kits are available for the following models;

Radio Model Price
Icom F8101-Land Mobile*** $89
Codan NGT** $89
Codan 9323 $89
Barrett 2050 Kit $89
Barrett 550 Kit $89
Barrett 950 Kit $89
Codan 8528 -1* $89
Codan 8528-2* $89
Codan 8528S-Marine $89
Codan 9390 $89
Australian Guide to HF Radio $19.95


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