Rates and Discounts

Introducing Radtel’s new 2013 Call Plans (Effective February 2013). Radtel Network has undergone a substantial overhaul of Call Plans options. To simplify the Call Plans, there are two main options;

  • Radio Telephone
  • Emergency Assist.

Shown directly below is a selection of 4 Radio Telephone Call Plans, Our 'Standard' and also a range of pre-paid call plans further offering savings on call rate charges and also allows you the freedom from paying bills, whilst you’re away travelling. It is important to note that 'Emergency Assist' is now an 'add on' option which must be selected separately if required.

One final upgrade for 2013 includes reduced yearly fees and also call rates are now in line with normal mobile phone call rates.

  • Flat call rate to any phone or mobile phone within Australia
  • Lower call costs
  • No call connection Fee
  • 15 Minute Time Call Limit
  • No pre-recorded phone message
  • Fully itemised account (Accounts over $10)

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* Selcall Direct - These Authorities are linked to a selcall number and are FREE Phone Calls

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