Radtel HF Radio Network

Early 2000 Radtel commenced research into the development of a 'New Standard" Radio Telephone Network Service. Now fully operational, we can offer you a service of unparalleled standards. Without a doubt HF (High Frequency) Radio remains the most popular method of communications, both in the remote outback and the maritime regions, and is still the most cost effective. HF Radio also provides far more features and benefits than any other form of remote area communications. Radtel is a network committed to the future of HF and all your remote area communication requirements. You can be assured you will get the most from your HF equipment investment.

Radtel/HFoz currently has five base stations (North-West Base - NWB, North-East Base -NEB, Eastern - EAB, Western - WAB and Central - CAB) providing complete Australia wide coverage and approximately 1500nm* seaward

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How to make a call on the Radtel HF Radio Telephone Network
Placing a call to a vehicle from your telephone
About HF Propagation

* Transmission distance is highly dependenton on 'chosen frequency' and 'time of day' both of which can have a substantail effect on quality of reception